The Real Estate Experts

We partner with talented agents, leverage them with proven marketing, personalized coaching, best in class technology and administrative support so they can work less, earn more and live the life of their dreams


Are You Ready to Take Your Real Estate Career and Your Life to the Next Level?

How Would Your Life Change If You Could Consistently Take Home $350,000, $500,000 or $750,000+ Per Year as a Full-Time Real Estate Agent?

We are doing something very special at Real Estate Experts. We have cracked the code to help real estate agents take home more money than over 96% of agents in Silicon Valley and built one of the highest producing boutique brokerages in the country


By partnering with experienced, talented agents, leveraging them with the same marketing and systems that we used to grow our own team from $10 Million to $165 Million in sales, and supporting them with our world-class client care team to handle all the administrative work, we have consistently turned mid-level agents into top producers by helping them spend more time doing what they love (converting prospects into clients, selling homes and making money) and less of what they don’t like (figuring out marketing systems and handling time-consuming errands and paperwork).

Combine that with our stellar online reputation (over 292+ 5 Star Zillow reviews), and the fact that we offer a “Smart Home Selling Strategy” (that has been proven to beat the market and sell homes for 3-18% more money) you can start to see how we are quickly gaining market share and winning over 85% of the listings we compete for.

To become a Partner here you don’t need decades of experience BUT you must have a passion for growth and learning, a commitment to serve your clients at the highest level and burning desire to do what it takes to become successful. And we will show you how. An inspiring culture. Proven systems & marketing. A commitment to training, coaching, and a model that rewards our agents as true Partners.

NOW… We want YOU to become a Partner With Us!

Partners who adopt our philosophy and methods for lead follow-up, client care, productivity and teamwork enjoy exceptional success …plain and simple. And in our business, exceptional success and exceptional income go hand in hand. Nothing in this business stays the same, so if you don’t have a systems based business, proven track record, stellar online reputation and amazing administrative support to deliver 5 star service 7 days a week, making a living in real estate in the “new economy” is going to be very hard.


This opportunity might be a PERFECT fit for YOU…


There are a number of advantages why successful agents have elected to leave traditional brokerages where they were doing everything themselves, to come and Partner with us …let me highlight a few of them here for you:

The marketing systems at Real Estate Experts generate hundreds of quality leads and opportunities per month, offering you the ability to take on as much business as you like.

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As a Certified Expert Advisor on our team you have access to our Market Proven Process for selling homes for up to 18% more money! This proven process differentiates you from other Realtors to not only WIN the listing but to command up to 40% MORE commission than other realtors.

As your success grows, our 5 star client care team will deliver a first class experience to your clients while taking everything off your plate that doesn’t make you money. This enables you to stay focused on the top 20% of your activities that generate 80% of your income (Meeting new clients, Showing & Listing Property and Negotiating offers). And when you want to take 1,2 or 3 weeks off…, you can leave it all behind knowing you have an amazing team on top of everything while you’re away.

Bretts passion for helping his clients and team members comes from his background as a coach for Tony Robbins before he started in real estate. As a Partner you will have the opportunity to be coached and mentored on your business and your life from one of industry’s best coaches, that other agents and team owners pay up to $1500/hr for.

To reap amazing rewards requires consistent effort. Our environment & culture encourage accountability and productivity. This will challenge you to be your best and help keep you focused and on track to do what you need to do everyday to keep your business flowing

When surveyed, consumers consistently report that the most important skill they look for when choosing a Realtor is the ability to negotiate. Your path to Partner includes becoming a Certified Negotiation Expert in your first year.

Many high producing agents make a great income but forget to invest along the way. We will help you plot your course to becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent with a proven plan to get there.

For those with exceptional drive and big goals, we will provide the resources, training and support to grow your own real estate team and build an income and life as big as you can imagine.

This unique opportunity combines proven business systems, training, and coaching to help you achieve your goals and live your ideal life all through the vehicle of real estate.

So, if working with a group of top producing agents that have an inspired culture and vision, the tools, the training and coaching to ensure your success, and if a steady supply and commission generating opportunities interests you, check out the steps at the bottom of this page.

What Can You Expect?

As a newer agent ( Jr. Partner), you must want to take home a minimum of $250k per year with upside easily into the $400k+ range. One of our Jr Partner’s income (take home, not gross) was more than $200k in just 6 months!

For more experienced agents (Sr. Partners) you must want to take home a minimum of $350k-$700k per year with upside easily into the $1 Million range.

Our Promise to YOU: We will help you set your goals and hold you accountable to help keep you on track. We will provide all the tools and training you need to be successful, including a branded and unbranded website, a state-of-the-art contact management system, proven marketing systems implemented and done for you, along with the strength of Real Estate Experts online branding/reviews, as well as administrative support to keep you out of time consuming busywork, and lots of leads and appointments!

Your Promise to US: To achieve this kind of success will require a FULL TIME commitment (35 -50hrs per week). It will also require investing your time (in training) and your money (in marketing). As such you will want to attend our weekly training classes. At each of the classes you will learn new skills for being more efficient and effective. You will learn scripts and dialogues to motivate buyers and sellers to take action in this shifting market along with tips to continue to grow your business to the next level.

In closing let me say, unlike most brokerages we are not looking for everyone. We are looking for a select few who can not only sell real estate but can also FOLLOW  PROCESS. The exceptional success our Partners achieve comes from their ability to be coachable and follow our proven methods for success. That being said, if you want to be considered as a potential Partner here, PLEASE  FOLLOW THE PROCESS BELOW.

(Seriously!! Even after reading the above, I get agents that are excited and immediately call me to ask questions. I promise there will be a time for that. For now, if you are serious about exploring this opportunity, then simply follow the process below.)



Complete These 2 Steps to Find Out if This is Right for You!


STEP #1:

The first step in the process is about determining if we are a ‘good fit for you’ and you are a ‘good fit for us’. An important step in our selection process is the completion of a brief online assessment and submitting a resume or at least emailing us a bullet point summary of your professional experience.

Click here to complete the Online Assessment.

Once completed, please send the pdf of the assessment you receive, along with a copy of your resume/experience to [email protected].


STEP #2:

Make no mistake.  Success in real estate requires sales skills, a competitive spirit and a real desire to succeed. This last step of the process allows us to get to know you a little better in terms of your past success and what you believe you can bring to our partnership.

Video is an ever increasing medium for client communication. As a Partner at real estate experts, it’s essential that you are familiar with and comfortable using video. Please answer the following questions below via video.

1 | Do you believe you have what it takes to be a top producing real estate agent? What kind of success have you had in real estate or other areas that leads you to believe that?

2 | What’s the toughest goal (personal or professional) you’ve set and achieved for yourself? How do you plan to top it?

3 | When it comes to real estate sales (or sales in general), what do you consider to be your strengths? (networking, face to face appts, prospecting/cold calling, follow-up, time management etc) and what areas do you feel you could you improve in?

You will be contacted ONLY after you have completed Steps #1 and #2 above.

Thank you in advance for your interest in Real Estate Experts!