What Does the Banking Crisis Mean for Real Estate?

What Does the Banking Crisis Mean for Real Estate?
Everything you need to know about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.
Right now, the news everyone is talking about is the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. What happened with this bank’s crash, and will it impact Silicon Valley real estate? In my latest market update, I’m discussing what this crash means for prices, where our market is heading, and what it all means for buyers and sellers.
You can listen to my full explanation in the video above or skip to each topic using the timestamps provided:
0:00 — Introduction
0:46 — A condensed history of Silicon Valley real estate
2:04 — What this means for our market and where things are today
2:54 — What prolonged inflation means for our market
3:41 — The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
4:32 — Our spring market forecast
5:12 — Is now the right time to buy?
6:10 — Wrapping up
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